Monday, January 19, 2009

Journaling like crazy

Visual journaling has been my constant companion. I even wake up with images in my head now!

I am grateful to everyone that had a part and continue to take part in this rich activity! Here is a start on one page that began with the transition writing we did. I have just now gone back to this page. What freedom!

But my house is a mess....

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Youssef Sleiman said...

I love how the text is gathered on the right side of the image. The red is evocative but a natural color choice. However, what I'm noticing is that the journalist's voice - the small red text - is on the right-ish side while the doily is on the left.
Is the doily a representative of something? A previous life or general delicate-ness?
What the doily bears now is an almost rebellious, graffiti-eque statement of ALIVE.
The audience reads a subliminal connection between the journalists' voice asking for Change and the larger-than-life print of ALIVE. What is that connection, too?

It's possible none of the questions asked have answers. But as a casual observer to the art, that's what goes through my mind as I look at the piece.
Good job, Mom!