Saturday, March 28, 2009

photos from cullowhee

Here are some nature photos I took while at Cullowhee. I've taken some of these and make artist trading cards that I hope to mail soon. Though the week in December hasn't turned me into a visual artist who practices that art daily, I have become more creative--started going to monthly quilting class at a local quilt shop to finish old projects, have done lots of watercolor painting with my kids, including they've begun making some artist trading cards that I may include when mailing some of yours, have taken lots of photos, and did two sessions with 3rd-5th graders at my school in an afterschool on visual journaling. You should have seen their faces when (through a grant) I presented them with a journal and an art set...They were like "These are mine??!!!??? to keep ??!!!???" kind of like we were when given the art materials to take with us. I showed them the tape transfer process after they took some digital photos. Due to snow we didn't get to have session 3 but I'm about to work with another group for three more weeks. The students are non proficient academically and most of them are low income, and most are children of color. I'm excited to have new skills to share with them. The kids said things like "Oh, I can do anything in here--write, draw, ??!!!" and "I'm going to do some cartooning", and I even saw a child watercoloring with her art set and journal one day on her front porch when I went by to do a home visit on another matter. It warmed my heart to see her painting!

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